Dwellings are photos of homes taken in the US Northwest and British Columbia.  These homes are often overly groomed, organized to an extreme, or perhaps just the opposite. Often they reflect those who live within and yet sometimes, especially the photos of exteriors, don't seem to relate to any real person at all. Many of these residential areas are now being torn down and replaced with town houses or "monster homes" which stretch from edge to edge of the property line, as families can no longer afford the cost of the property without an added rental unit. How people relate to their home as their “castle" is quickly changing. Their homes are now their savings accounts. A very new relationship which seems to resist the tasks of community.

This series of photos is ever growing, and relates to my other two series, Open House, which are interior views from many of these homes, and Private Yards, about the efforts people take to make these small parcels of land their own.