Jim Roche
I am a photographer from Brooklyn, NY, now living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I attended the School of the Worcester Art Museum/Clark University and Pratt Institute. At Clark I earned my undergraduate degree in fine arts/sculpture. For a number of years I worked as a printmaker. My works are found in numerous private and corporate collections. I was represented by Orion Editions. My latest solo shows were at Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia and with OnoEditions, a print group I founded in Vancouver, British Columbia. My work has also appeared on the  New Landscape Photography blog.

Artist Statement
My work focuses on issues of people relating to the landscape, structures they build, gardens they tend and what they leave behind when they are done. Often there are no people present or identifiable, as my interest is in the traces they leave. Recently this has led me to work in several land reclaimation sites, and green areas being prepared for construction. I am focused on details such as debris left behind, foot prints, lines from moving objects, repairs, and the empty space left behind after something, including people, is gone. Often people call my work anti-heroic landscapes. I call them “minor landscapes.”

Other places you can see my work:

Available Works
Works are available in limited editions of three to five. Image sizes depend upon the individual work ranging from 10x15 and 26x39 inches. (The actual print size, for instance, would be 34X47).

Occasionally there are larger pieces, and pieces of unusual ratios.  

Most works are sold framed, as the final presentation is important to my work.

Please contact me directly about prints.